The music of Kate Birch is a sphere in which all beings exist peacefully next to each other.

Birch trees with their lightweight leaves murmur a tale of tomorrow. Mist on ancient ruins attracts slowly crawling slugs. Mocking birds share their stories perched on ivy, while the capercaillie shakes a leg and laughs. Light and shadow dance their eternal foxtrot, and each creature is deeply connected to the next.

The blue hand beseeches each passerby to enter this mystical world. A woman stands on the rock with her violin and sings out: „Every single plant decides to follow the light, so should humans too!“

Kate has met the people of the city. They rush and don’t listen, not to the inner voice nor to the outer sound. Silence must arise first before liveliness can emerge. May this music be a moment of stillness in the cacophony of being. We’re all just walking each other home.